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By-Laws/Policies and Procedures



Purpose: Defines the organization's mission and activities.

Membership: Eligibility, types, dues, and fees.

Board of Directors: Structure, election, terms, and meetings.

Officers: Roles, duties, election, and terms.

Committees: Formation and responsibilities.

Meetings: General and special meeting procedures.

Amendments: Process for changes to the by-laws.

Financial Management: Fiscal year, budget, and audits.

Conflict of Interest: Managing conflicts among board members.

Dissolution: Procedures and asset distribution.

Policies and Procedures Summary

Operational Policies: Code of conduct, attendance, and grievance procedures.

Financial Policies: Budgeting, expenditures, and fundraising.

Human Resources: Hiring, benefits, and performance evaluations.

Risk Management: Safety and crisis management.

Communication: Internal and external communication guidelines.

Record-Keeping: Documentation and data privacy.

Technology Use: IT and cybersecurity policies.

Volunteer Management: Recruitment, training, and recognition.

For More Information

For a detailed understanding of the organization's governance and operational framework, please refer to the full documents:

  • By-Laws: 

  • Policies and Procedures: 

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