Indiana Moose Association

"The Cradle of Moosedom"


Indiana Moose Riders Activity Groups

Auburn #566(members working on forming a Moose Riders Activity Group)
Contact: Lonnie Fry – (260) 466.6069 or

Chesterton #1623
Contact: Rick Dalby (219) 728-9021


Goshen #836
Contact: Eric Smeltzer (574) 202-0817

Tipton #1590

Contact: Dick Schuyler

Moose Riders are recognized as recreational motorcycling activity groups comprised of good standing members of the Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose – developed by the Moose International Membership Department – and attached to either a sponsoring Lodge or State Association.

The Moose Rider Activity Group’s primary purpose is to recognize existing Moose member’s passions for the sport of motorcycling while fulfilling their obligation of membership; to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven and the programs of Moose International, and their Lodge and to recruit new Moose Members, as an organized group. 

Moose Riders are encouraged to promote fraternalism, attract potential new members who enjoy motorcycling, and to use motorcycling as a way to provide a positive community service outlet for Moose members.


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